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Thanks for visiting my Art Gallery.  I have set up multiple art galleries for you to see, simply select one of the galleries from the list to your right.

Feel free to download any images by clicking the image and then right clicking on the larger image to save to your computer.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


  1. Tim Lawson ( Jimi Hendrix songbook guy )
    Feb 18, 2016

    Dropped in to take a look at your newest ‘happenings’ -certainly am glad to see that you have a ‘full schedule’ of gigs !

    I was just speaking with my sister …. ( she is a skilled artist, like you ) …. about the odd set of circumstances -( you buying that Hendrix songbook from me on ebay )- that resulted in my being led to view your performances online -she took a look at your online performances and her comment to me was as follows “She has a wonderfully beautiful voice” ….well, just another ‘bean in the pot’ …. this is further confirmation of your ability as an artist.

    Remember, even on a day where the clouds appear darkest, that directly above those same dark clouds there is a brilliant sunshine !

    All my best !

    • Windy
      Feb 19, 2016

      Thank you so much for your kind words and energy of Love and Light. Straight to the Heart. Please in ix me your address i would love to send you and your sister a Cd

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